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Web administration is a primary and vital service we provide. Most website owners are unaware that a functioning website requires maintenance and management. At JJBurtons, we maintain and manage websites to ensure the website is secure, available, operating at its optimum, contains up to date information, thereby preventing downtime, errors, malware, hacker attacks or data loss.

Whether you are selling a product through an online store, using your website for your day to day operations, or simply maintaining an online presence, we help make the most of your website’s operations are efficiently and affordably.

Your domain name and web hosting accounts are safe under our care.

Website Security Maintenance

Website security is the most important component of any good website management service. All websites are under constant attack by hackers and cyber criminals. The vast majority of these attacks are automated and are designed to use your website as a platform to infect your visitors’ computers or phish for information.

We will make sure your website is secure and that the architecture on which it is built on is up-to-date. Our services include both passive management like setting up good firewalls and blocks to keep away potential hackers, and active management which includes things like malware scans and updating your website’s architecture.

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