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What does it take to own a website?

To own a website, you need a domain name, a web hosting plan and SSL.

Domain Names

A domain name, purchased from a domain registrar, is the name of the website which can vary depending on what the website is for. It is the website address which is entered in the address bar of a web browser and takes you to see the content of the website/page. For example, the domain of a company website can be the name of that company, say Google. Google’s domain name is Domain names end with various extensions, with the most common being .com and .org. The most popular ones specific to Nigerian businesses are .ng and

Web Hosting
A web hosting company is a web service company that stores website files on their servers to ensure that a website is available 24/7 x 365. Here at JJBurtons, we host your website on reliable web hosting servers that reside in the United States of America.

We want your website to be available no matter the time of day. Thus, we partner with reliable domain registrars and web hosting companies to ensure round the clock availability, security and speed of your website.

Domain Name and Web Hosting services both require subscription fees which are renewed every year. We can recommend the best hosting package for the type of website will like to develop.


SSL meaning Secure Socket Layer, is the the protocol that secures (encrypts) the communication between your website visitor and your website. SSL is usually represented by a small padlock icon displayed before the website’s url in the address bar. This shows that your website can be trusted and protects the communication going in and out of your website. It also shows search engines that your website is reliable and has become a mandatory ranking factor for the Google Search Engine.

JJBurtons can provide all 3 services to you.

How much does a Domain Name cost?

The cost of domain names vary according to the domain name extension required.





How much does Web Design or Web Development cost?

There is no fixed cost for website design & development. The cost of the design and development vary widely depending on the features, functionalities & complexity of the website.

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